This, this is still my choice
I stick with it because it loudens my voice
It is a part of my faith but moslty
it is a part of my liberty
It doesn’t fill up any of my ethnicity
I wear them in all the colours of the world
Showing off my opinion how I see this earth
Don’t you dare to question my reasons
But rather accept them just like seasons
I can hear you all loud and clearly I’m not deaf only to negative reactions
because I refuse to listen to those distractions

I am me
This hijab shall always be a part of my identity
whether you like it or would rather rip it off my head
I’ll wear it anyway whenever I want even at night in bed

I have difficulties in life
just as any other person man, daughter, son or wife
My hijab isn’t a problem hon
I got 99 names to call Him upon
It is an opportunity to come closer to Him, my God
It is a way of expressing my love I don’t find that odd
if you been send out on a quest be patient and do your very best
and put your trust in Him whenever you get a test
This is the way I hope to free my soul of ego
I cover up to let the vanity of ‘me’ go

I wear them in all patterns, colors, and fabrics
I wear them in all styles
Whether going out for dinner or sporting at aerobics

If you think I’m being dumb, oppressed and thinking l don’t have confidence
It tells more about your insecurity and your intelligence
I know I’m being smart
I know what to do because I’m following my heart

Happy world hijab day to all you ladies whether you wear it or not
I’m not discriminating because you first should wear it in your heart
Don’t forget it is a lifestyle and attitude
live your own life just as you would
like in times of low and altitude
Wear it classy and chique
Your covering so don’t reveal too much and stay mystique
but don’t forget you are always unique.

Lots of love,

Faylasoufia S.
Sanae Ben Abdelouahab
[Actress in the Theaterplay ‘The Hijabi monologues’ in the Netherlands, it is a play which blows away all the stereotypes aspects of being an Europian born Hijabi (which is very rare for a hijabi to be an actress)]