Ghana Ambassador to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Well it’s no news to any of us over the hajj stampede which occurred some few weeks ago. This most of our Muslim ummah over the world sharing their views and opinions through any means possible be it articles, videos, interviews on social media, etc.

You can read one which was written by one Ghanaian Muslim here : Angry Black Muslims

Like all other countries, most of us in Ghana where also worried because we had relatives and friends who went for hajj – Myself in particular had an aunt I love soo much there so I was super-hyper worried. The questions we could here in our communities where

Have you heard from …?

Did we loose any Ghanaians to the stampede?

I was listening to radio when I heard Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia had told a section of the media here in Ghana that 13 Ghanaian pilgrims died in Mecca whiles 21 others are missing.
Ambassador Sinare further claimed that 8 out of the 13 died of natural causes and the remaining 5 from the deadly stampede that killed over 700 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj Board also came out and was saying a different thing in connection with the figures…


The Deputy Director of Communications for the board, Mohammed Amin Lamptey insists only 3 Ghanaians died from the stampede.

“The information put out by the Ambassador in Saudi Arabia cannot be true because that cannot be reconciled with what we have here as the communications unit of the Board. Our figure for now is 8; 5 from natural causes and 3 from the stampede …for the number of people who are missing, officially I can say that the number is 18,” he stated.


My worry has to do with the future of the ummah in Ghana… Before this i really thought there was much coordination between the Hajj Board and The Ghana Embassy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but apparently there isn’t which leaves one to wonder.

Just on friday, October 2nd…  I noticed on the Embassy’s Website that the actual number death of Ghanaians from the Stampede is 3 including 3 men and a female ( I think they were trying to mention 2 men and a female oh com’on, Mistakes happen right…)

All we can say is Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return)
Read more on the Embassy’s website Ghana Embassy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In my opinion, I think the hajj Committee got a lot of work to do in all of it’s sectors, (Ghana Hajj Committee Website) Tell us what you think about the relationship between The Embassy and the Hajj Committee in the Comment box below…Let us know if you lost any one, I guess the real numbers would appear once every one settles at home.

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