Death Song of Beauty

Black is beauty
RIP to the old pretty
Why do you want to slay the ego of Ashanti?
Always hark to the adjuration of Mufti I have a phobia for those in the city
It’s a very great pity Because they are slacking their integrity
Where is your dignity?
Pretty can really hurt Always stay in your lane Janet
Don’t crapshoot your life like SupaBet
Oh!!! Am wet Yes, just because she doesn’t sweat
Don’t ever analogize your skin to the ante of a millet Or a farceur’s pet
I have a great respect For black women covered in dirt

Say No To Skin Bleaching
I can feel your skin is itching
Don’t accuse her of witching Just Because your skin is switching
The pride of black is preaching Fade to black without hitching
Manumit the skin from pinching
Hahahahaaha, sorry I just love teaching

White is the new black
For the new black will make you lack
Do you want to emulate Michael Ballack?
Or you just want to hang on like a shoe rack
I believe in the dreams of Barack
He always puts the Blacks on track But Incase you want to crack,
Am just Abdul Samed Zurak


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