In Ghana, Muslims constitute 17.6% of the population, reflecting in 4,339,953 persons out of the 24 million plus (2010 Population and Housing Census). Indeed, it is shown that the proportion of people with Islamic affiliation increased from 15.9% in 2000 to the current 17.6%.

As key contributors to the national life, Muslims cut across industry, academia, arts and entertainment, media and civil society. The peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims in Ghana is a major testimony to the growing tolerance, mutual respect and deepening partnerships. At the national level for instance, a National Peace Council has the National Chief Imam, His Eminence Dr. Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu as a member.

Thus, it is without saying that this key segment of the Ghanaian population, contributing to the national life in various endeavors deserves further recognition in order to exemplify their support to national growth and development.

In doing so, an events and arts Company named SUKRA CONCEPTS came up with the initiative they termed GHANA MUSLIM ACHIEVERS AWARD (GMAA).

About the Award

The GMAA seeks to achieve the following:

  • Recognize and reward contribution to national development
  • Inspire and motivate younger generation to emulate such contributions for national growth
  • Encourage actors in all fields of endeavor to do more in support of advancing national development and the Islamic faith
  • Raise national awareness on contributions of persons and corporate entities of the Muslim faith as a standard for emulation
  • Promote and deepen national integration, cohesion and support for Muslim causes

The Awards are in two (2) categoriesLifetime Achievement Awards & General Awards.
The lifetime awards are non-voting and nominees are carefully selected by event organizers and an 11 member Award Board to celebrate iconic personalities and entities for outstanding contribution to national life. This category may include non-Ghanaians.

The general awards are public voting-based awards. They are open to Ghanaian Muslims who are nominated. This category is open to either male or female personalities.

So there you have it. I think It’s a good course and worth partaking. Allah Bless the organizers for such wonderful initiatives would try to keep you updated on any happenings including the list of nominees and date of event.

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