Yawn…wink, wink…yawn…wink, wink, wink 

“Arggghhhh!!!! Goodness Allah, isn’t he/she done already? Gosh! Someone get me a pillow!!!”

Your mind is thinking.

Yep, we’ve all kinda had that experience before.

That moment you’re listening to a Friday Khutbah, or an Islamic public lecture, and all the speaker is doing is singing you a lullaby. Or better still; the manner in which the presentation is being made makes you feel angry at your own religion.

What happens?

Beautiful message is delivered, yet poorly absorbed by you and I.

Have you observed that there are some Muslims who will skip 5 Jumuah mosques in their neighbourhood and go to attend Jumuah in another neighbourhood?

Or that some Islamic preachers (both locally and internationally) are able to draw in more reverts to the Religion than others? (knowing of course that Allah makes so easy for whom He wills.)

That’s weird huhn?

Same message, different results.

When I started leveraging my radio presenting and emceeing experience to organize some public speaking training session for tertiary students under my school’s Muslim Students Association, I sought to use the Qur’an and Hadiths of the Prophet as modules to teach the art of Public Speaking.

It was amazing what I came across.

So many instances where the Prophet Muhammed was using certain deep rhetorical ways of speaking that today you need to take communication classes before you learn such stuff.  (Yeah, you may say he may have learnt it from the Greeks…check out the Prophet’s biography, then you’ll understand how that was not so much of a possibility).

Even in the Qur’an (which is a speech and not commentary), we learn from Allah Himself the epitome of how to communicate effectively, which makes it more important for a Daee who is engaged in spreading the Message of Islam.

(Nope…not just the Daee. Raising your hand in class to ask a question is public speaking. Expressing your views in a meeting is public speaking or in class, it is public speaking).

Bottom line: We have Public Speaking modules as Muslims…but we’ve probably been too engrossed with the “rituals” of the Deen that we don’t even know we have one.

And maybe, just maybe, that may be the reason why two Muslims will present the saaaame message, but yet one would be responded to better than the other.

So…where do I come in?

Sharing what I came across with you is all I seek to do…smiles..

(After all, what’s more eeman boosting than seeing your religious scripture teaching you stuff you can use to perfect your own speaking ability?).

So if you’re someone who engages in Dawah work, wants to be a Global influencer, wants to learn the ABC’s of public speaking or to perfect it, here’s home!

Join us every Wednesday on this blog as we sail through our Deen to learn the Art of Public Speaking (communicating effectively).

Yep, and its 100% Halal, cos we “squeeze the rules from Islamically grafted olives”…hehe

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!…


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