Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim kff

The King Faisal Foundation (KFF) is an international philanthropic organization established in 1976 with the mission of preserving and perpetuating King Faisal’s legacy.

quote leftIt is important to benefit from institutions, and not only to build them.
-King Faisal bin Abd Al-Azizquote rigth

King Faisal Foundation Scholarships (KFF Scholarships) are awarded to outstanding Muslim from any country to undertake their postgraduate studies in science, medicine and engineering.
Scholarships are tenable at any prestigious European, American or Canadian university, as well as universities in New Zealand and Australia, or any other industrially advanced country.

The program covers two to three years of study and provides full tuition and a generous monthly stipend.

King Faisal Foundation has recently endorsed a new Scholarships Policy.

The new policy will provide comprehensive information on the requirements, application procedures, conditions and privileges.


For more scholarship information and application: CLICK HERE