Salam Peeps, you are definitely here to know what I have been up to right!! Here’s to satisfy your cuMUSLIMAH SAMEERAH YESriosity….

You are most welcome to the world of muslimahsameerah where we collectively share our thoughts (you and I) on trending and exciting Islamic issues and news, Islamic fashion (just so we are clear “halal fashion” ), interviews with Muslim Changemakers and those who have got amazing stories to share with us, Halal events you wanna publicize and of course at a zero cost (I bet most are breathing a sigh of relief)

I will also share stuff that goes on in the personal life of an average Muslim lady in growing up in Ghana(things that relates to me) and the people she has known all her life(family),  people she loves, those she hates to love and those she thinks she love’wink’…basically people I roll with, like my Nigerian friends call it – MA PERSONAL PERSONS. so hey to these category of people, you gotta sit tight and keep checking cos’ you’d never know when I’m gonna feel like telling the world how much I enjoy and still enjoying my being with you…

(or how being with you sucks)

yeah so that would be it for now, the journey has began…time to buckle up.

Oh one last thing!!! My readers also get the chance to suggest to me Muslims they think are driving change and would love me to interview …Awesome right?
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