8 Great things you probably never knew about Mufti Menk



A mufti is one who has been entrusted with the authority of issuing religious verdicts to Islamic problems brought to his attention. Hence the name Mufti Ismail Ibn  Musa Menk

Well I don’t know about you guys but I for one have lost track of the number of times I asked myself or friends; Eeiii so when is this person coming to Ghana? That’s mostly after watching or listening to lectures of some Islamic Scholars in other countries…
Ma Sha Allah, the Muslim Ummah in Ghana are doing a very great job propagating the Deen. Even though there is more work to be done for the Community – I really commend them for their effort especially the Muslim organizations partly because for the past years Allah has been answering my prayers through them.


Some past answered prayers include Dr. Zakir Naik’s tour in Ghana and that of Bilal Philips. I’m sure we all heard or read the news about Mufti Menk Coming to Ghana…yeah, I’m happy too.
It took the hard work and dedication of 2 Islamic organizations – Islamic Ummah of Ghana and the Alqalam Institute. Thumbs up to them and may Allah continue to bless and guide them.

There is no doubt more than half of the Muslim population in Ghana who understand English have once watched or heard a lecture from Mufti Menk, beyond that – Most have no idea who he really is. For those who are interested in knowing a bit more about him, here is a list of 8 things you probably never knew about Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk. yeah that’s his full name

  • 1. Mufti Menk was born in a well respected Zimbabwean Family.

He is the 8th out of 9 children…His father, Sheikh Maulana Musa Menk is a well-known scholar and da’ee (caller to Islam) and an Imam in a masjid in Zimbabwe.

  • 2. Memorised some verses of the Qur’an at age 

On his own, Mufti Menk was able to memorise some verses of surah AT-TAWBAH (THE REPENTANCE) when he was about 3years old. This he picked from the recitation of some children who use to come to their house to learn the Qur’an…


  • 3. Predicted to be a Hafiz

This followed an encounter when Mufti Menk was about 3 years old, he was told by a family friend in the presence of his father and other scholars  to recite the verses of the Qur’an. ( The man once heard Mufti reciting when he visited the house). One of them then said to Mufti Menk’s father : This little boy would be a Hafiz( One who has memorised the entire Qur’an ).

  • 4. Love for Knowledge

Mufti Ismail Menk commenced hifz at the tender age of nine(9) years and completed at the age of twelve(12). He studied Arabic, Urdu and the Hanafi Mazhab from a young age whilst studying Shariah under his father. He also attained a degree in Shariah from the University of Madinah and later specialised in Iftaa at Darul Uloom Kantharia in Gujarat, India.

  • 5. Had Temper Issues

At the age of about 14 to 18, Mufti Menk was hot-tempered and you dare not provoke him. This was known even by his siblings. He believes Allah saved him from such attitude by moving him to Madinah, he worked on it and today, Ma Sha Allah, he says by Allah’s grace it would be very very difficult to get him angry.

  • 6. Love for humanity and education

Mufti Menk has been actively engaged in teaching, lecturing internationally, running of Islamic educational institutes for the underprivileged as well as the orphans. He is the Head of the Fatwa Department of The Council of Islamic Scholars of Zimbabwe known as Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe, which caters to the educational needs of the Muslim population of Zimbabwe. He is also one of the Muaththins and an Imaam at Masjid Al Falaah, one of the largest Masjid in Harare.

  • 7. Strong social media presence

I really don’t think Mufti Menk has ever attended a social Media school but trust me his presence on social media is on point since he started social media in 2011 – regular updates, interactive, consistency.
-His Facebook Account as at the time of this post has more than 1.7 million+ fans,
-870000+ followers on twitter,
-155000+ subscribers on youtube,
-449000+ followers on Instagram and
-4000+ followers on Google plus.
For a Muslim from Africa, I bet you this is huge. Can you imagine the blessings he gets from social media Alone… This is the real social media for Good.
Visit any of his social media platforms below :
Facebook: @MUFTIMENK
Youtube: @MUFTIMENK 

Oh yeah and he is social too, Watch this

  • 8. He has bagged some Awards even though he doesn’t work for fame and awards

    We all know how rare it is for an African to receive an Islamic award with International recognition –
    Menk was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate of Social Guidance by Aldersgate College.

    In 2015, Mufti Menk also received an Award for Global Leadership in Social Guidance….


  • Mufti Menk has one of the finest beards you probably have and will ever see…
  • You can contact Mufti Menk via this channel: MUFTI MENK CONTACT