5 Gift Ideas for your Muslim Wife.


So as part of directing our vision towards Muslim lifestyle and making sure our posts are very helpful, impactful and backed by quality research, we embarked on a survey to find out which gifts Muslim wives would love to get from their better halves. The response was amazing as we got inputs from Muslim women across the globe(New York, London, Mumbai, Lagos, Pretoria, Nairobi and Accra).
Although some of the answers we never expected but come on what can you say, we all got our choices right?

Spoilers: Surprisingly 97% of Muslim women would love the “ME AND YOU ONLY THING” Three is definitely a crowd you know what i mean?

Let’s delve into 5 of the gift ideas most Muslim women would love to get from their Muslim husbands.

Vacation / Trip:

while this was on most people’s list, the specifics vary from one individual to the other. some people mentioned they love to go on the holy trip (hajj/umrah) with their hubbies, others would prefer going to Dubai (the magnificent mall, extravagant hotels and restaurants, amongst others, we can’t blame them). Others also prefer a  location anywhere as far as it’s just us 2. I need a trip to a place I love, a new site away from what I am used to as far as you two get to be alone.

  • Check this guide for suggestions on places you can visit for both internal and external trips: Halal trips


This includes Necklaces, watches, ring, bracelets, earrings etc (always better if we have our names engraved on it or a phrase indicating how much she means to you…) Although this was an obvious choice on the list, some specifically made it clear that a gold type was the magic formulae.

  • Personally, my experience with buying jewellery online hasn’t been a great one so I am very sceptical about giving suggestions for online jewellery purchases. Would rather advise you to visit the jewellery shop so you can confirm the quality of the product be it gold or silver.

Wardrobe Upgrade:

Most men believe their women are OK with the clothes, shoes and bags they already have but here is the thing, the love women have for these things is virtually like a mother-daughter love. You can’t really separate us. No matter how many clothes, shoes or bags we have in our closet, you really sweep us off our feet when you’re the one to first suggest we give them away for an upgrade.
For the specifics, it varied. most women prefer being surprised with a dress, gown or an abaya for an occasion. Another magic we found in there was Intimates(undies like panties and bra). The surprise we got for this category was a lady who mentioned getting a matching outfit to the beach as an ideal clothing gift.


This is it. I just couldn’t wait to get to this section because it makes me feel a joy that a lot of women worry more about how close or intimate they get to be with their husbands. This category had a lot of people just like the trip and though the trip could be a subset, I decided to separate it because of how detailed and in-depth it was.
Some of the options we had under treats include :
Breakfast in Bed – Surprising huh, Most women prefer for their husbands once in a while(or always-we don’t mind.lol) to move to the kitchen and prepare us some sumptuous breakfast whiles we snoring in bed.
Spa Massage – we are absolutely aware you can give us the massage of our lives but once in a while we would appreciate it if you treat us to that spa massages you know(halal ones of course) with the oils and the fragrances and that at home.

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the best is always saved for the last people! this list is endless…from saying thank you to frequently reminding us of how much you love us…ooooo yes they count as gifts too. Forgiveness (we really don’t like you dwelling on the same problem, we gotta move on honey….), words of encouragement also do us so much good. We could use some help with taking care of the kids (we need a break )

Bonus Gifts: yeah, we are just kind like that.lol. These are the very ones we found unusual and interesting!

  • ‘An Album of the outfits he would like me to try on’ one lady said. This could be done using Pinterest.
  • Good sex….”I have the religious right to enjoy him physically, it is usually not talked about but it is very important and a part of the reasons why most of our marriages fail yet we rarely talk about it ” one lady exclaimed!
  • A picture frame of our craziest picture together
  • A Macbook pro, lol.

I think gifts like this goes a long way to help strengthen the bond of marriage. Let us know what gifts you would love to get from your Muslim husband in the comments section below and thank you to all who helped with the survey.




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