9 Steps to help Daughters and Sisters get addicted to the Hijab

Due to the Increasing number of non-hijaabis I came across this past few weeks in school,  I thought it nice to share this with you…

1. Make du’a.
As often as possible, ask Allah (SWT)  to enable us to live righteous lives both young and old, including all of the requisites of Islamic dress and behavior.  Allah (SWT) says that a parent’s dua for his/her child will not go unanswered.

2. Start the hijab conversation from a very young age, and keep it positive.
Tell young Muslimahs  that modest dress and behavior are for the sake of Allah (SWT), to love and obey Him and to earn His rewards. It’s never too late

3. Do not oversimplify hijab by making it all about men’s desires!
All most of us tell sisters is a version of,  “Cover your beauty so that you won’t tempt men.”  In Islam, the male and female are both commanded to be modest.

Men must lower their gaze and dress and act appropriately.  Women, in addition to striving towards modest behavior, are required to cover their body and hair.  They should perform this act of worship to obey and please Allah (SWT).  With this proactive mindset, the female is taking ownership of her worship.  She is not forced, threatened, or frightened into doing it.  It is between her and her Creator.  It is an investment, Insha’Allah , in the hereafter.

4. Lead by Example
If you are a mother, aunt, or grandmother, wear your hijab with pride, knowledge, and optimism. Now and then, let the young Muslimahs in your life know why you cover and how eager you are to earn Allah’s blessings.  Dress appropriately but also with self-care.  One can be modest while still looking “put together.”  Daughters will pick up on even the slightest negative comments like, “This hijab makes me look old/fat/old-fashioned.”

Focus on the positive instead.  Wear modest clothes that that give you energy and make you comfortable and happy.  Your love (or hate) relationship with hijab will be obvious.

This might seem obvious, but a mother is going to be her daughter’s first role model.  Look at your own way of dressing and see if it meets Islamic guidelines.If you are a father or brother, make sure you are fulfilling your Islamic obligations.  Kids can spot hypocrisy from a mile away.

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5. Spend time with friends who also wear hijab.
With daughters, Most teens and pre-teens care deeply about what their peers think and are influenced by them.  Make sure the people they spend the most time with are good examples!  This might require some effort on your part. Your daughter might not currently have any friends who cover, so you could arrange for her to meet some who do through Muslim youth groups, masjid activities, or family friends. Having a few very strong Muslim girlfriends makes a huge, positive impact sisters.

With sisters, it differs a little because most are able to make their own decisions… but it helps if one hangs around positive sisters who cover up. And also to most of the sisters who cover up, Stop the back-bitting!!! It only worsens the issue. If a non-hijabi muslim wants to mingle with you, welcome her with open arms. In actual sense the Hijabiis are the ones supposed to get closer to the non-hijaabis so as to win a soul for the Hijab Addicts. lol. rather than pushing them away. ITS ALL A MATTER OF TIME…

6. Throw a hijab party!
Celebrate your daughter’s passage into womanhood by hosting a joyful, girls-only party.  The party does not have to be extremely elaborate or expensive to make a girl feel special and loved. Sisters can also suprise a non-hijaabi sister with a Hijab birthday party. This could be the start of the addiction, especially when she sees the addicts having fun in their stunning hijabs…mmmm- the feeling is always refreshing.

7. Speaking of fun. . . as Cyndi Lauper sang in the 80s, girls just wanna have it! In the teen years, children will be observing their non-Muslim peers engaging in many forms of entertainment that are not allowed. Make sure you, as a parent, enable your Muslim kids to have wholesome fun with their friends.  If following Islam seems like nothing but a burden and a long list of duties and restrictions, our youth will not feel inspired.  But if they are allowed enjoyable and appropriate alternatives, then they will see that one can be both practicing AND joyful.

Almost all forms of entertainment can be made halal with a little creativity and effort.   It takes time and energy, but it is better than losing our sisters and the Ummah to haram activities.

8. LISTEN to Them.
Really listen!  If she has concerns about wearing hijab, don’t just interrupt her with your own opinion, dismiss her fears, or ignore her.  Especially if you are a father or brother who has never had to be a “visible” Muslim in a predominantly non-Muslim society, you have no idea what a covering Muslimah is going through. The young women of our Ummah deserve this dedication.  Furthermore, when we invest in them, they will feel empowered, loved, and more willing to listen to advice and to connect with their family and Muslim community.

If she says, “I’m worried what the kids at school will say,” or “what my christian friends would think” you might be tempted to answer, “Don’t worry what others think!”  or “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”  Those platitudes will not help.  Brainstorm with them.  Discuss possible scenarios and how she could respond with confidence.  Talk about what to do in the case of bullying.  Help her formulate responses that are succinct and correct.  Most important, tell her that you’ll have her back no matter what.

9. Make sure she knows that your love for them is not contingent upon their hijab. This might sound strange, but some girls will cover just to earn their parents’ or friends’ love or, conversely, rebel against their parents by uncovering.  If you have a solid, loving connection with your daughter, she will not confuse her Islamic obligations with her relationship with her parents.

Yes, technically children are required to obey their parents, and a daughter should cover if her parents command her to.  Ultimately, however, our daughters will be grown, independent women who will need to choose to wear hijab every day for the sake of Allah (SWT) alone . . . not because we are watching over them, but because ALLAH (SWT) is.

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  1. Subhaan Allah, going thru the lines will help me to develop the love for hijaab among my sisters….in sha Allah…..thanks a lot

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