Discovering Our Youth as Muslims


What a time in a man’s life called youth, especially as a Muslim youth. This is a point where people realize what they can and cannot do. Due to this, some of us inspire ourselves by what we can do and how to do them, while others spend time convincing their minds about what they cannot do and how impossible success is for them.

We believe Allah (SWT) is the pinnacle of wisdom and knowledge and have placed a lot of those in different parts of our daily lives. Now, it is up to us to discover the wisdom behind a lot of things that we’ve heard happened and may be experienced by our own selves. Allah (SWT) chose a lot of Prophets and Messengers (Peace be Upon Them All) to manifest His mission of Worship of Him to mankind. Allah (SWT) is the owner of the Universe and its contents, decided to choose predominantly, Humans in their youthful ages. That there is a profound thing we have discovered. Does it mean Allah (SWT) knows something about youth that we don’t?

At the time when Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) came, He – a youth, had support from his friends, companions, and allies who were at the peak of their youth at that time in Arabia.
Therefore we can prematurely say anyone who misuses their youthful age and only realize the damage at old age, has really wasted their time on earth although still alive.

Our childhood is a time to learn by taking instructions from people no matter who they are, so far as they are older. We take advantage of opportunities around us to grow into this fine gentlemen and ladies we are today.
The youthful stage is when we realize that we are matured and can be independent as a result of our childhood grooming. So it is a time to utilize all that we have been through for our own benefit and the benefit of society.

Fast forward, most of us are met by different predicaments in life; good or “bad”. Some youth just lost their parents or guardians, others just lost a life financier, a best friend/ supporter, others dropped out of school due to inability to pay fees, others became homeless, and what have you. Contrary to this, some just took over from their father’s legacy establishment, others just landed their dream job, etc.

Basically, the dynamics of life are at its peak at this point in anyone’s life. Hence, it has become a norm for some young folks to blame their inability to do well in life on some of these predicaments. Which is quite unfortunate. They failed to realize the importance of learning to drive your life according to life experiences. This is because even the “well to do guy” could mess up his father’s legacy if he doesn’t learn to manage it. And this is as a result of the fact that nothing works for itself, we need humans with appropriate knowledge to cause change with an effort.
We can make or break our own lives depending on how we live them. It could be a result of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and or actions.

Breaking your life means you fill your mind with impossibilities and think your kind of person can never get near that icon you wish you were. We forget that our dream icon was never in existence until they achieved their goal.

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On the other hand, making your life means, you look at those who have been there already and learn from some of their footsteps. Ultimately, they were where you are right now.

So your beliefs and habits basically define your personality. For instance, if you believe that a poor and socially unfortunate person like you can become the next business guru, billionaire or intellectual, you will start to think and live and plan towards that. And that is the most profound of habits that can get you to your goal.

The moment you lose an opportunity, a helper or a financier permanently, you should know that their role in your life is done and it’s time to move on and look up to other opportunities life has for you. So far as you continue to live means you have a part to play in the state of the world so use this moment judiciously.

Self-discovery comes in so many ways. It’s up to us to pay attention to our own instincts and give ourselves a chance to try. Who knows? We could be good at writing, speaking, debating, negotiating, selling, etc. Talents may be born but if they aren’t nurtured, they just simply get rotten.

In our days as a youth, social media is the “place” to be. According to me, we can discover our soft skills in so many ways and monetize them online. For instance, if you can write a funny piece of text on social media to make people laugh every day, why not simply become a scriptwriter for drama arts?

If you can shoot and share videos of happenings on social media to draw people’s attention on social problems, why not become an online content creator on youtube, facebook, Instagram or your private blog?

If you can negotiate well, why not go into business with the least product you can find to market on your own?

People who can draw or paint should know they can become architects, calligraphers and or graphic designers earning a lot of royalties from their arts. Those who push agenda for politicians and celebrities on social media should know they can launch podcasts and become activists promoting their own causes,
and the ones who can dress nicely by combining colors to match should know they can become product designers and earn a fortune in the design industry.

You post for likes on social media while others are managing social media pages to make money. You both use the same internet connection, same platform but for different use cases and different outcomes.

 It is mind-boggling how young people are making big brands on social media platforms by just using their smartphones. You can build a whole professional skill on Youtube and Google. Just think about it!

This should be thought-provoking for anyone reading.  So you are just supposed to go with the flow and find your niche. The list goes on and on and these few examples are for us to know that we can start small no matter our backgrounds.

We can refer to the Glorious Qur’an for the story of Zul Qarnayn (may Allah have mercy on him) who Allah (swt) one of the most successful Humans out of a few by ruling the world in His time. Allah (swt) said this about Zul Qarnayn (may Allah have mercy on him) in the Qur’an in Suratul Kahf 18 vs 84 – 85:

“Indeed We established him upon the earth, and We gave him the ways and the means to all ends. So he followed a way..”

 Reading further verses of the same Suratul Kahf (ch 18) shows us how Allah (swt) made available ways which he (Zhul Qarnayn) followed leading him to the success we all know him for. So we will never know until we take a step and give our sabab (abilities) the chances they need to show up. And we need to put our Tawakkul (Trust) in Allah (swt) in doing so.

Anyone who wastes his youth life without discovering who he/she truly is and can become could certainly misplace their priorities going forward. At the moment they have to be studying, they are thinking of going to a party or going to play games. Not to say a partying or playing is wrong but the timing is completely wrong. A state of mind like this means you are always not ready when opportunities present themselves.

We need to read, we need to listen and interact with people and learn from day to day life experiences. We need to volunteer and help others to understand how they see and live life in order to learn from that human story.

Let’s utilize the tools around us today. We in this day and age, are exposed to information with ease of access than any other generation. Let’s stop blaming our parents, family members or the government for our failures. Some of our parents never got to grade 6 of primary education yet here we are in the university. What can you do with your knowledge from basic school, high school, or vocational school? And don’t blame it on the educational system because we all went through it.

All fingers ain’t the same including our parents. Our challenges are different from theirs. So let’s start tracking our own path now!

Start with a plan now. Let’s note our dreams down and take that step to search for the path towards it. Let’s Remind ourselves by looking at our plans daily. Track the progress and be opened to learn when the obstacles come. We will look back some few days, weeks, months or years In’Shaa Allah and be proud we took charge of our destiny. Our lives won’t be a coincidence and our achievements will all be on point because we worked for it. And Allah (SWT) knows the best.

May we have a successful youth!

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