Abu Hassan Al-A’raj reported: Two men entered upon Aisha and they said, “Indeed, Abu Huraira narrates that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: Verily, omens are in women, animals, and houses.” She became upset and she said, “It is not as he said; rather, the Prophet was saying: The people of ignorance used to say omens are in women, houses, and animals.” Then she recited the verse, “No affliction occurs in the earth or within yourselves except that it is written in a book.” (57:22). Musnad Ahmad 25557. Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Haythami.

What do you notice?

Look closely…very closely. There’s something I don’t want you to miss.

You don’t need to be Muslim to see it. You don’t need to have “Taqwacious” eyes to see it either (haha). It’s something empowering. And trust me, this ain’t an Islam 101 class; in fact, what I want you to see has nothing to do with Religion, so you can take off your religion thinking caps now…haha.

Look deeper…see it? Okay…let me give you a clue.

I want you to concentrate on Nana Aisha (Blessings of Allah be upon her), the beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him)…just her.

(You there? Great!). There’s something about her in this saying attributed to the Prophet (Hadith) that is just amazing.

Anything yet? (Stay with me buddy!, I know its not funny anymore…what the heck am I driving at?…haha)

There’s a powerful message our mother Aisha echoes to us…her daughters; the thousand and one women around the world; the Muslim and the non-Muslim, the “hijabi” and the non “hijabi”, the black and the white, the married and the unmarried, the barren, the widowed, the physically challenged…I can go on and on.

Let’s go treasure hunting then, shall we? 

Now, according to the history of this “Hadith”, these two men were from Banu Aamir (a large and ancient Arab tribe that originated from central and southwestern Arabia). They were actually passing to her information they had heard from Abu Huraira, who was one of the companions of the Prophet.

They related to her Abu Huraira told them that the Prophet saidVerily, omens are in women, animals, and houses.”

Now, she hears this and is displeased. Yeah yeah…many would say she was displeased because it was referring to women…and she was one. But I believe there was a greater reason why she was upset (not to say the other reason was not a factor); her Prince Charming (the Prophet of Islam) was being misquoted.

She doesn’t just stand there and “awralise” her voice…she does something.

She says to them: “It is not as he said; rather, the Prophet was saying: The people of ignorance used to say omens are in women, houses, and animals.”

Then she provides her facts to prove her case by reciting the 57th Chapter of the Qur’an, Verse No. 22 (57:22)

“No affliction occurs in the earth or within yourselves except that it is written in a book.”

And the matter is closed…no Muslim worth the name ever doubts what the Qur’an says (and interestingly, it is reported she corrected a whole lot of Hadiths related, not just this one).

(You can follow this link: Is there any bad Omen in Women to get a broader perspective of this “hadiths”.  I personally love this one because it compares and clarifies the “hadith” in simple terms.)

So, where’s the gold, you may ask?…

The question is …What if she never spoke?

What if she decided to keep mute and say “I’m a female and no one will listen to me? I’ll be considered emotional and no one is going to hear me?”

Can you imagine what women would have been seen as if she never spoke up to correct the statement? Think about it. Even with her clarifying it, just look at how Muslims (oh yes, Muslims) and Non-Muslims take the “hadith” to portray women as evil.

What if she did not?

That, is what she taught you…and me.

She taught us what every loving mother would teach her daughter;

“Stand up for what is right”

Never ever keep mute when wrong is being said or done, especially when you know you have what it takes to prevent it in a wise manner.

And most importantly, your being female is no excuse.”

That, my dear reader, is the Gold.

You know one of the things that made her succeed in that regard? She was Empowered…with knowledge. You don’t go correcting people when you’re bankrupt in knowledge.

That’s why sometimes I laugh my head off when I hear some Muslims say “Women Empowerment” is some sort of “Western ideology”…some “haramistic” caricature coming to confuse Muslim women. Our mother empowered herself with knowledge, did she not (and she was female, not male, or have we ever seen a guy called Aisha?…hehe). And that gave her the chance to save many ladies the stress of being tagged as “evil babes”… very important point.

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Mum, is speaking to us in volumes. When you do not work to empower yourself as a Muslim woman; work to polish on your ability whatever it may be and just sit there and be mute (in speech, action or writing), you are putting millions of lives at risk. The people are those Allah has sent you to impact. Neither the veil nor the “Niqab” should make you back out on this one.

Forget the words of some chauvinistic Muslim minds that will tell you you’re not “fit enough” or “smart enough” or too emotional to do anything for the Ummah and Humanity. They aren’t better teachers than our beloved Mum.

Be Smart. Be like Mummy…and leave for us “Gold” like she left for us…


(P.S: I love freebies! They’re awesome cos they’re for free…hehe. So to show how much I love them, I’m gonna give you one freebie. It’s a compilation of rebuttals of some weird stuff people say about Islam and women…and they put some of the hadiths and Qur’anic verses in its proper context. It was an amazing resource for my project work on “Muslim Women in the Public Sphere”. So here you are: Click this link (answering-christianity). Enjoy the read…and don’t forget to share with me what you learnt from it. Remember, Sharing is Sunnah! (And so is Smiling…hehe),


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