Interview: Mukhtar Mohammed Aminu – The Nima Guy Campaigning Against Hard Drugs

Assalamu Alaikum awesome readers…
I bring you another interview with a Ghanaian Muslim Changemaker. What drew our attention was the kind of initiative he is embarking on and his bravery. A campaign walk against drug abuse – in a town which has seen the rise of countless drug addicts is not an easy task and not for the faint hearted. Read on as we dig into his mind to explore how it all begun and the source of such bravery.

MS       – Interviewer

Elamin – Interviewee

MS          – Assalamu Alaikum
ELAMIN – Walaikum Salam
MS         – How are you doing?
ELAMIN – Alhamdulillah… How are you too?
MS         – Alhamdulillah, We Thank Allah for everything.
ELAMIN – Ma Sha Allah
MS         – Welcome to but Before we start I would love to know your full name and all your AKA’s?
ELAMIN – I am Mukhtar Mohammed Aminu But I prefer to be called Elamin Aminu
MS         – Ma Sha Allah, Are you a practicing Muslim?
ELAMIN – Oh yes I am Muslim
MS         – Who is Elamin Aminu?
ELAMIN – Elamin is a loving husband to a lady called Zara and a responsible dad of two beautiful daughters, Sarawniya Amina and Gimbiya Zara
MS         – Lovely names you got for them…
ELAMIN – Thank you.
MS         – I understand you are championing an initiative to fight against the abusive use of drugs. If I may ask, what really inspired the walk away from drugs initiative?
ELAMIN – Good…. You know these drugs have become part of the culture of current and future generations of young adults and it’s destroying them slowly
MS         – I’m sure everybody knows that
ELAMIN – Oh yes but It seemed like nobody was ready to voice it out even though the use of these hard drugs is frowned upon.
MS        – Have you ever lost a friend to drugs?
ELAMIN – I have lost many friends to drugs I just can’t count, it’s so pathetic
MS         – I live in Mamobi, and I have personally seen lots of people fall for drugs…I am very sure everyone in Nima or Mamobi can attest to this, but no one has ever really sparked a full fight like you have started…I’m very sure something must have pushed you. What made you stand up and say enough is enough? What was that breaking point where you couldn’t take it anymore?
ELAMIN  – That very day I watched a video of one of our brothers who has fallen a victim of the drug abuse and was on the verge of dying in the hospital bed. I said to myself; “we can’t sit to watch our brothers and sisters engaged in this illegal substance that kills them slowly and destroys the communities as a whole.”
Honestly speaking, few of my strengths I believe include how bold and fearless I am in approaching issues. We need to stand and fight against these hard drugs in our society else we find ourselves to be blamed by the next generation.
MS         – Very true…Have you or any member of your team spoken to any drug abusers or addicts since the commencement of this initiative?
ELAMIN – Oh yes, I was born in Nima and I grew up in Nima…So I have friends who are abusers and addicted to these hard drugs.
MS         – Do those friends still come close to you?
ELAMIN – Some are upset with me but I still got whole lots of them who are supporting me.
MS         – Oh really, Is that to say those supporting you have stopped abusing drugs or are no more addicts?
ELAMIN – No they haven’t but I believe as time goes on they will. You know it is not easy to quit when you are an addict. Some would love to quit but they can’t… They find it harmless at the beginning until it becomes harmful to them. I believe they have already started the process of changing by supporting this initiative.
MS        – Ma Sha Allah, The walk aways from drugs initiative is a big deal in Nima now
I would love to know how you did that. After realizing something needed to be done about the problem, what was your next line of action?
ELAMIN – The issue of how I did it is with God.. I see it as God wanted to use me to open the eyes of others. It all started on a lighter note on Facebook till I realized lot and lots of people are championing and have positive mind about I started
MS         – wow, Ma Sha Allah
Has any drug addict confronted you on this initiative since you started?
ELAMIN – I have friends who are addicts and wants to be part of the walk. Though I have been threatened by few of them, its like they are rather pushing me for this initiative. The scavengers of hard drugs in the community are trying every possible best to defend the indefensible just to mislead the youth.That is why I am waking everyone up from their slumber for we all have friends and relatives whose lives are in immense danger.
MS        – Well said… What is the most dreadful threat you ever received and What do you seek to achieve with this initiative amidst all the threats?
ELAMIN  – The threat was that I can’t organize such initiative whiles they still live in Nima, they will beat me and a whole lot. LOL
ELAMIN – I still have high hopes and believe in my community, there are lots of talents that can’t be wasted or thrown away just like that. We can develop our community drug-free. I want to change the mindset of the young adult that we can make it without drugs, let’s destroy what destroys us and have a better future.
someone really said that
MS      – In Sha Allah. Have you had support or any form of sponsorship from anyone, be it imams, politicians, other youth leaders etc
ELAMIN – Honestly, we have no sponsors from anyway and I will wish for them to come on board to support such a good course that will benefit us all. Some Chiefs and Mallams have pledged to support but for now, I am pushing it harder together with my team
MS        – Ma Sha Allah…Can you give us more details on the #Walkawayfromdrugs initiative
ELAMIN – It is scheduled to take place on Sallah Day. Everyone who wants to take part in the walk should be at Accra Girls at 2:00pm. We are starting the walk from there to pigfarm then to mamobi to nima, we walk all the streets of nima before joining the main event in Nima.
MS        – Great, I would like to know if you have any other thing planned after the walk…because in most cases, the noise dies down after the walk.
ELAMIN – The walk is supposed to be a part of our campaign launch after which my team and I will come together to see how we can tackle the main issues of drug abuse in the communities. Invite other stakeholders and medical psychologies to educate the youth on the dangers of these drugs. Also, go to the schools and our Arabic schools to educate them about the dangers of the drugs
MS       – Ma Sha Allah, What last words do you have for the public
leaders and stakeholders, then to our brothers and sisters addicted to drugs.
ELAMIN – I, therefore, throw a big challenge to all stakeholders such as chiefs, religious leaders, political leaders, especially those who have a stake in the affairs of our Zongo communities to take up this matter seriously and deal with it. I cannot do it all alone but with their help, we can develop our identity our lives and our communities without hard drugs.I still have hopes in my Zongo community
And to my brothers and sisters who one way or the other found themselves in this problem, I have a saying which goes like no mother ever fed her baby with a drug or squeezed such drugs in the feeding bottle to feed her baby. Therefore its never too late to quit, just understand it is a gradual process. We would remember you in our prayers and also ready to extend all the necessary support, I pray Allah help you on your journey and I also pray Allah help those who are not into it to stay away from drugs.
MS          – Well said brother, May Allah bless your efforts.
ELAMIN  – Thank you, and May Allah reward you too.
There you have it guys, change creators.
We all have that one person, a friend, a relative, brother/sister who is a victim of Drug addiction. Be Bold and come out on Sallah day to support this campaign launch against Drug Abuse.
Meeting point is at Accra Girls Senior High School @2: pm.
Comment or inbox if you wish to be part of the campaign walk against drug abuse in our communities.


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