Recently during my internet surfing on youtube for Islamic videos, I stumbled across a young Muslim girl who is a Hafiza (A person who has the entire Qur’an at memory). Her name is Maryam Masud Laam in the United States of America (USA).

After watching quite a few videos of her beautiful recitation, I was moved not only by her soothing voice but her sense of intelligence and reasoning at that tender age. Therefore I decided to do some little research about this young sister and somehow try to draw lessons from it with regards to parenting.

Maryam Masud Laam as I began earlier is a Qur’an Hafiza who resides in New Jersey (USA). She memorized the entire Qur’an at the age of nine. She vividly recalls how and when she started memorizing the Qur’an at the age of two with her mom and by age eight, she completed with its memorization. At this young age when a lot of kids do not even know and understand what Islam means, Maryam knows and understands the five pillars of Islam. What struck me most about this young girl is her sense of reasoning at this age. She understands her true purpose in life and yearns for eternal success in the hereafter rather than the temporal enjoyment of this world. Watching Maryam one will realize her life resonates around the Qur’an.

In just the first decade of her life, Maryam has been able to chalk some achievements for herself of which notable ones are the winner of the 2013 and 2014 Helping Hand Quranic Championship and other important achievements. And In Shaa Allah, the life ahead of her will be much brighter.

Maryam aspires to be an Islamic Scholar in future to spread the message of Islam. Aside her life centering on the Qur’an, Maryam understands she can be successful in this world and in the next and therefore aspires to be a software engineer in the future In Shaa Allah. She always encourages her fellow youngsters to recite and memorize the Qur’an and to avoid music because it will prevent them from memorizing the Qur’an.



Watching Maryam I realize her parents are the driving force in her life. They both encourage her in memorizing the Qur’an. Maryam said her mother plays an important role in her life. She helped her memorize the Qur’an with proper tajweed. In motivating little Maryam, her mother sometimes memorized the Qur’an with her and they sometimes sort of compete. She also admires her father and wants to be a software engineer like him. He also helps her with her schoolwork and makes studying maths fun for her.  From this, we realize how her parents are the centre of her growth by directly contributing to it. They are always present in her life to encourage her. When she graduated as a Hafiza, they organized a beautiful ceremony to honour and motivate her.

As parents what kind of role are we playing in the lives of our children?

Are we just paying fees and dispatching them to and from school?

As Muslims do we consider the spiritual growth of our children?





Maryam’s parents should be a model for parents in this contemporary time. They are making it possible for her to succeed in this dunya and the akhira and therefore are providing her with the education of the Qur’an and secular one too. They represent true role models in Maryam’s life and she is very proud of them.

Again, parents need to examine their children at their young age to figure out their aspirations in life. Children are never too young to start accomplishing their dreams. They need to have a good start with everything they want to become in future.

Let’s consider the case of Maryam and her family in this scenario, Maryam wants to be an Islamic Scholar and therefore by the age of nine, she memorized the entire Qur’an with its meanings and message. And she couldn’t have been able to achieve all this without the help of her parents particularly her mother trained her to achieve that. Maryam was provided with everything that will enable her achieve that feat. Mp3 players, tablets among others etc. And personally with what I have seen, Maryam will be a great Scholar of the deen In Shaa Allah. On the other hand Maryam wants to be software engineer like her dad and therefore he has taken up the role of educating and training her in that regard. He helps her solve maths problems which Maryam describes as making it easy and fun for her.

From her parents I realize that each has a role to play in the life of their child. Parents should not think their children are too young to realize their aspirations in life. They can have aspirations and it is the responsibility of parents to educate and train them in that regard.

Lessons I learnt from Maryam Laam and her family are few but are notable. Looking at her parents I realize that each one of them play roles in her life which will help her attain her aspirations in this life and the next. They are both ensure Maryam becomes what she dreams of and therefore they play different roles. One parent doesn’t leave all the responsibility for the other. And in the case of Maryam, her parents are working together to make her be the person she wants to be. They share the roles and it works for them perfectly. Her mother for instance helps her with aspects of her religion while her dad also helps her in the aspect of her secular education. At the end, they will contribute to the life of their daughter which she will make her proud someday.

Another lesson I have learnt is children are never too young to have aspirations in life. Their aspirations can be nurtured at that their younger  age and it is the responsibility of parents to realize those aspirations.

Parents should also act as role models for their children. Parents should practice what they want their children to become. You don’t expect to have a Hafiza daughter like Maryam Laam and at her young age she knows every kind of music because that is what she is exposed to. What joy it will be to see our children grow up in the light of Islam and in ways we are pleased with as parents. Therefore parents should be the models in the lives of their children.

My last lesson in Maryam’s story is that parents must encourage their children to grow in the light of Allah because they are a sort of Amaana (Trust) from HIM to us and on the Day of Qiyamah, we will be held accountable for them.

In conclusion, I have learnt quite a few lessons from Maryam Laam and her parents and I agree it should be some sort of model for parents and would be parents to learn from.

May Allah preserve Maryam Laam for the Ummah and bless her parents abundantly.

May Allah bless parents making efforts in the lives of their children to be great both in Allah’s eyes and in this world.

And May HE (SWT) bless all wombs yearning for the gift of children.

Aameen Yaa Rabb!!!

You can check Maryam out on;

Facebook: Maryam Masud

Youtube: Maryam Masud

Hikmatu Iddrisu

Our communities will be a better place if we play our roles well.