My Journey – Being a Practicing Muslim and Successful

My name is Abdul Malik Jabel Yusif, a Makaranta (Islamic school) Drop-out and I’ve been in love with Islam since 2009. Though I was born into a Muslim home with an Islamic name, I never really liked the fact that I was a Muslim and barely partook in any Islamic activity till I got to senior High school and met friends like Ibrahim Idris and later Mohammad Shaharu who told me the Qur’an is like a life Manual for every human no matter what kind of journey we were on. I always observed from afar and asked myself why Idris almost always remembered to pray even if he was indulged in an activity he loved so much(He is not perfect). What struck me the most were the tears running down Sumaila’s cheeks at a GMSA( Ghana Muslim Students’ Association) meeting as he(Sumaila) was reciting some verses from the Qur’an, I approached him after the meeting as to why the tears and if he understood what he was reciting –

he smiled and said ” I don’t understand word for word but have little idea of the story of that surah – and for the tears, I don’t know why or how they appeared “…That was when I made the decision to read more about Islam and the Qur’an.

Just Like everyone, I also want to be successful. The dictionary definitions of success include ACHIEVEMENT OF ONE’S AIM OR GOAL.  Now success here could mean a lot of things to different people but as Muslims, we all have one critical goal in addition to any other goal we have for our lives. This is the grail of all goals – JANNAHTUL FIRDAWS… Anatole France once said, “IF THE PATH BE BEAUTIFUL, LET US NOT ASK WHERE IT LEADS. As a Muslim, the desire to be successful is a good thing but the path towards success is what matters the most. The journey could be that of an entrepreneur, politician, counsellor, or a teacher but the one thing we always need to remember as Muslims is pleasing Allah and using the Qur’an as a guide in our various fields so as to achieve success.

This article is to introduce to you my weekly findings from the Qur’an serving as a guide to us on our journey towards success on earth and towards the Ultimate goal – JANNAH.
Per my definition, I am not successful yet and never should be seen as one, Neither am I an Islamic scholar. My reason for doing this is to share with friends and fellow Muslims my true belief in the Qur’an being a guide for mankind in all aspect of life. This I believe would also instil in me the willingness to learn more about Islam and that one Book every Muslim loves.

All thoughts and assumptions will be mine and in the case of an outside input, I will do well to give reference – In Sha Allah. That being said I welcome all corrections, questions and suggestions.



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