Recently I have been thinking about Poverty, but not the typical kind, the internal kind. Poverty of the soul. True impoverishment is internal impoverishment. The soul that has been created but still hasn’t realized why. The heart that still beats but has already died. Few people would ever want to fall and no-one likes to drown yet in struggling through this life, sometimes it’s so hard not to let the world in. Sometimes the ocean of dunya (life) enters our hearts. And just like the ocean that enters the boat, it shatters our hearts, it breaks our hearts, it owns our hearts and sometimes we end up at our lowest point just like at the bottom of the ocean. And when we are there we feel like it’s the end. And that’s the thing about the bottom of the ocean, no light enters it, that when you reach that point, you are faced with a choice.

You can either stay there until you drown or you can gather pearls and rise again. Becoming strong

Hikmatu Iddrisu

Our communities will be a better place if we play our roles well.

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