So yesterday, back at the office, my colleagues and I were having a chat…i think it was something that had to do with food…(hehe…anytime I’m talking about office, its about food, right? Hehe). So one of them said he had not eaten had breakfast in the morning, which made it look like he was doing some “rehearsals” for Ramadan.

And the other was like “Eeei Charlie, you’re welcoming the month paaa ooo…the way some of us are thinking about it erh. Even my old man back at home is like as for fasting, there’s nothing like, I’m used to it ooo. “

We all broke into serious laughter…not because of what he said, but because what he said had some iotre of truth in it.

The fear of Public Speaking -Glossophobia
The fear of Heights- Acrophobia
Therefore, the fear of the Ramadan Crescent (to be specific)…


Come on guys, let’s be honest…many of us Muslims are internally (and I mean, deep down inside) freaking out because Ramadan is coming.

You open your Facebook wall and its there in your face… 29/30 days more to Ramadan…and your heart misses a beat smaaall and you’re like “Yaaa Salaaaam” (especially if you’re a working Muslim or mum). Your mind’s all about the restrictions you’ll be faced with, especially how you’ll restrict your tummy: the gob3 or Auntie Muni’s waakye joint we would be missing out on…Hajia Memena’s early morning steam that emanates from her Hausa Koko joint with that moist egg koosey…chai.

You know, I believe its genuine to feel that way…yeah, yeah…’all dem Haraam Police be going round saying’ “Ya Akhi!!! Subahanallah! Stagfirulallah!!You just lost like 90% of your Emman…you’re Kaafir now!”.

Hold your fire, ASP Haraam Police…I’m coming to that.

The question is, what’s causing that fear? If you’re freaking out because you can’t get your usual Haraam activities going on, then mehn, you do need to see ASP…for real!

Naturally, as humans as we are, we have the fear of the unknown…and unfortunately, some say we have been wired to always think in the negative light: the worst that’s gonna happen, what we’re gonna miss out on…just negative all the way. I believe that’s the same thing that happens with Ramadan to us.

Ramadan is an event. Its something that comes with loads of goodies…but we don’t usually see that because of how “we’re wired”. We love Ramadan, but just because of that, we seem to be scared. What proves we love it?

How do you feel during that last days of Ramadan?…Smiles. Even the Ugliest of hearts don’t want it to end. Its like one’s reached this state of Nirvana…an unexplainable feeling. Its just because we’ve experienced how beautiful it is now. We suddenly forget about all the restrictions and are at peace, concentrating on the goodies.

I believe one thing hence, we can do to restrict our mind on the negative thoughts is reading more about the Month of Ramadan…its blessings and its goodies. That in itself gingers the mind & soul for Ramadaan. When the mind and soul are gingered, then the body is gradually moved into action: one would automatically start preparing physically for the month. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that there’s an overflow of “Ramadan Checklists” messages to help Muslims prepare for the month in advance.

Trust me, Ramadaan 2016’s gonna be fun and spiritually uplifting In shaa Allah. Yep…I may still be having some bits of “Crescentophobia” in me as well…but I’m working hard on it…and I’m positive.

We pray Allah makes us all live to welcome this Blissful month of Ramadan with all the prestige it deserves, and as well live to see its end, so we can praise Allah with all His beautiful names…Ameen.

Khadijah…reporting to you live, from the Tolon District in Tamale…hehe


I'm human...and I love people...smiles