1st Solar-Powered Abaya Which Can Charge your Phone

1-solar-powered-abayas-manaal-alhammadi-lights-up-abu-dhabi-world-future-energy-summit-muslimah-sameerah-solar-hijab-ABAYA = a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress, worn mostly by muslim women.
Don’t know whether to call it a Solar abaya or Smart abaya.  Just like the advancement in wearable nanotechnologies, Abayas have also come a long way. I remember growing up, it got to a point I couldn’t differentiate between a normal long dress and an Abaya – (Maybe I still can’t) . All I knew was that they were heavy, uncomfortable and just plain ugly. Eventually, abayas came to be more alive – giving that Self Esteem feminine feeling.

Now imagine your Abaya serving another purpose than just the feel good factor. What if an abaya could make you worry less about your phone battery level.

You can stop imagining now because it’s real. THANKS TO MANAAL AL- HAMMADI, A DUBAI-BASED FASHION DESIGNER WHO IS KNOWN FOR CREATING THE FIRST SOLAR POWERED , YOU CAN NOW CHARGE YOUR ELECTRONICS ON YOUR ABAYA Anywhere, anytime, no electricity needed. The abaya has nanotechnology fused on to it, and is embellished with solar panels so fly, you don’t even know they serve a purpose other than just looking good. The abaya takes in energy from the sun and includes hidden pockets so you can charge your electronics on the go.

I started up my brand when I was 15 years old, I design high end and very contemporary abayas perfect for the independent woman and the sporty mother, my brand was at first just a passion and a source of pleasure, but slowly as months went by it turned into a full fledged business before I could even realize it...said Manaal

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How does this solar abaya work?

The overlay is integrated with flexible organic photo-voltaic (OPV) panels—a thin, flexible sheet the converts solar energy into electricity—that is integrated onto the sleeves in order to receive maximum exposure from the sun or light source. The panels are traced with embellishments, giving the illusion of embroidered decals as opposed to noticeable solar cells. As for the charging ports, they are discretely hidden in the front pocket of the abaya, which makes it easy to plug in and charge up anywhere at anytime.

Having brilliantly fused nanotechnology in her unique abaya designs, Al- Hammadi has recently showcased her solar-powered abaya prototype at the Solar Expo during the World Energy Summit at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and her designs can be found at The Fashion Vault in Sunset Mall, Dubai.

You can follow her on her instagram page @manaalalhammadi. tra 

With solar-powered fashionable clothing, such as Manaal Al-Hammadi’s Solar-Powered Abaya, We can now reassuredly leave our chargers at home.

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