Our year (2016) in review…

Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barkaatuhu

If I’m to describe the year 2016 in one word for our website, It would be …”CHALLENGING”.
Sure there were some good and interesting moments but the disappointments or challenges I think outweighed the positive moments and yet still WE GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH.  Below I would give you a recap of what 2016 has been like for our website.


Ma Sha Allah we grew from a two(2) member team to a five (5) with 3 exquisite ladies and 2 brave gentlemen. The downside is how busy each and every one of us have been for some months now thereby hindering our ability to manage the website and also publish content to our readers consistently.

Our team consist of both writers and non-writers…Writers publish content onto the website while non-writers handle other aspects of publicising the content and making sure it is ready for readers. Looking into the future we hope to expand the team into other parts of the African Continent so if you are an avid Muslim reader (Ghanaian / Non Ghanaian, talkative, can talk infront of camera) and you would love to join the team, Don’t hesitate to contact our P.R.O via whatsapp +233504172870. No special skill required – (we train you from scratch)


There are lots of activities being held in the pipeline due to one or two reasons.
2016 was the year in which we buy our cameras and hit our readers with surprise videos but as the fact remains, we plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners.
As a matter of fact, we over tried looking for sponsors since our website needs maintenance but all to no avail. Maybe we didn’t see the right people, lack of knowledge on internet potential by Muslim Businesses or it just wasn’t time for us to start those videos…BUT ALLAH KNOWS BEST!!!

With that being said , we would be glad if you could help us purchase the camera’s we need for our videos. You can do so by Donating via Mobile Money on 0241067782 and Vodafon Cash on 0504172870. To donate in Kind, kindly send a message to either of the numbers above.

Event organisers and businesses who wish to partner with us can call 0504172870 or visit this page


During the course of the year, we were able to partner with Halal Events Hub (HEH) and Jannah Mall. HEH is a platform which brings you up to speed with information about Islamic events scheduled to happen in Ghana and beyond. Our events page on the website very soon would redirect you to events.muslimahsameerah.com

Jannah Mall is also Ghana’s Number 1 Islamic shopping website. They bring together all traders of Islamic products under one roof to release you of the stress of roaming to and fro nima market or Dubai just to purchase Islamic Products. With this, you should be expecting a shop page on our website soon which would redirect you to Jannah Mall to shop all you want. Expect a Vivid review on both these partners soon In Sha Allah.

We are still in Partnership talks with other businesses and would keep you updated on the progress we make.



In the year 2016,  more than 45000 people visited our website but just a few actually return to read stuff and I guess it is due to our inconsistency in publishing content for our readers. Out of this figure, 31.20% were from the U.k, 10.40% from the U.S and 8.80% from Ghana and the rest from other countries. Looking forward we would be focusing more on increasing our Ghanaian and African reach In Sha Allah.

With the articles, below are the most read articles in the year 2016

  1. The Case of Maryam Masud Laam and Parenting
  2. Poverty of the Heart
  3. Young Ghanaian Muslim jihadists
  4. Ramadhan Fear
  5. This you Probably didn’t Know about Mufti Menk

Yeah so there you have it… The ups and downs, we are hoping and praying we meet our Objectives. Kindly remember us in you Prayers too.

How would you describe your 2016 in one year?





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